Tajweed Quran Urdu/Persian for iPhone and iPod 应用的评论


One of the best Quran reciting app

One of the best Quran reciting app

Nice app

This is the best app I have ever seen for quran. JazakAllah for the entire team.

Simple and awesome

This is one of most stable app on the App Store. He does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it provides you all you need to recite Quran on the go.


Yellow color letters are hard to read, other than that its wonderful It's a very nice Quran app, clear text, easy function and good translation , if you can make sharing ayat faster, that would be wonderful , it takes a bit longer to share any ayat or translation, other than that very thankful to have it.

Great application

Very nice application. Jazak Allah Khair ARC


Mine works perfect. I love it. Mashallaha...

Amazing App!

I use this everywhere to recite Quran every chance I get. Have thoroughly enjoyed my traveling Quran experience. I just have one request can you PLEASE add idris abkar as one of the recites.

Great App to Read Quran

Masha Allah great app to read quran, i almost looked every app having urdu tajweed style quran and only found this one. Also displays translation in english and urdu. Really getting benefits from it, jazak Allah khair for this beautiful and efficient app. I would rate it 5/5.

One of best app

One of best app

Great app!!!

this is by far THE most underated Quran app

A+++ App

Mashallah very nice job, thanks a lot for creating this beautiful app. May Allah accept your efforts. Ameen I used it more often, after it was upated with audio. Very helpful color codings to learn tajweed rules.

Great app

It's the best Quran app on the App Store Must buy

Great app!

Great app, I have seen many improvements over the years.

What an amazing app!!!

With this app , I can finally read clearly. Other Quran apps are not clear enough for me to recognize. Not only that, but I can also teach the illiterate people who cant read Arabic. JAZAKULLAHU KHAIRAN


Just awesome JizakAllah

Such an incredible app

Tajweed Quran is an incredible app. I was in love with it four years ago when it was simply visual text and now with the added audio features I am so thrilled. This even allows for easy memorization with the awesome recite select and playback features. May the makers of this app be amply rewarded with the highest of jannah. Jazakallahu khair.

The app to go for Indo/Pak fonts

Alhamdulillah this app is like a notebook of daily recipe for Quran recitation either using iPad or iPhone. With new audio support this app is in more use than before either by our kids or my spouse. This is the first app that I refer to my friends. Great way to go.


Best Quran app ever i am learning hifaz and it helps me alot!

Very good 13 line qur'an


Flawless app!!! Must have!

This app has helped me memorize more than half of juzz 29 alhamdullilah! It has come a long way from what it was initially. You can determine how many ayahs can play at a time, you can set those ayahs to repeat however many times you want. The translations of the ayahs are at your fingertip! And you can even mark where your mistakes are. MashaAllah I rave about this app to my whole family and friends. May Allah give you rewards for every letter of the Quran that is being read by everyone around the world. Ameen! This app is FLAWLESS

Quran Taj

Excellent app thoroughly love it specially while traveling or anywhere in the car Allah bless

Need Roles in Urdu

This app is v.Good. Jest need roles in different Languges. Like. Urdu

Invaluable App

Best money zi ever spent. Well worth it.

First and last line are cut off

First and last lines are cut off. You have to zoom the page and move around to get to first or last line. Very annoying and frustrating. It seems I wasted money buying this app.


It is a good app. It just needs a few modifications: better image quality, better way to turn pages. These are minor modifications. May Allah reward you.

Need audio

Ineed this app with audio feature

Correction in the text

Asalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Surah az zummar verse no 32 is missing a qasra under the word "bihi" qasra is missing under the alphabet baa. Please fix that jazak Allah kheran wa ahsanul jaza. Also u need to make a correction in surah Maryam ayat no 51 one fatay is missing.

Well done

I was dreaming about this, and my dream came true. May Allah (swt) give you both the best in this world and in the hereafter.

Great app. Great effort. No Issues.

@EKK_0007: The app downloaded fine on my iPhone and is working flawlessly for me. Might be your internet connection. Have you tired downloading it again? Thanks to the developers for making such a great application.

Wouldn't download the App

Not sure what went wrong. I just bought this app and it didn't downloaded at all. Would love to have it on my phone for Ramandan. I have a similar hard copy. Jazakallah khair Al Jazaa

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