Tajweed Quran Urdu/Persian for iPhone and iPod App Reviews

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Nice app but Im still wiring for French translation

Masha Allah vraiment super

Masha Allah vraiment super

Excellent reading for Urdu readers,

we can learn how to read with tajweed, price is high, need to add translation in Urdu & English.


Sincerly with my heart this app is the best for me in the entire app store Keep up the great work. If u can add a brightness adjustment feature that would be great. JazakAllah hu khair :)


Pl see that Shaikh juhainis voice is not clear and lot if echoing cant understand. Secondly you should update audio with qari Shaikh maher imam of haram Makkah

Excellent App

Very easy to use


Alhamdulillah I am hafiz of quraan and I have been using this app for 3 years its so easy n very handy its very very good I recommend every Muslim who is using smart phone they should have this app in there phone because u can read Qurran when ever u like... Good work brothers keep it up

Excellent App

MashAllah, very well put together app. This is my favourite app on my phone. I use it all the time. Now I have my best friend with me all the time.

Nice application

Good work by the developers, May Allah grant them hasanat. Ameen

Mrs. Pathan

Very Nice App.


Must have app


Amazing app... My best companion during hajj trip...

Best app

I really love this app compared to all the other apps. Mashallah love it

Amazing Quran App

I have being using it for two years. In the beginning when update was made app crashed. This team had worked hard to rectify in a day. Masha Allah. This new update made it the best app. You have tajweed rules at your fingertips as well as color code to assist. It has recitation by amazing immotionally read passages. You even have translation. Book mark and so on. I havent even figured out all capabilities. Every time I look at its options I find more. Masha Allah. Allah accept your efforts and protect you. If you have this app. You dont need anything else. Every muslim should download this app.

Alhamdulillah Best Apps

During reciting the Quran, if any phone call come, Quran reciting page immediately gone way, and caller page came up. which I do not like. As because most of the time I do not want to attend the call. I do want to continue my reciting. But If any calls come , i can,t. It should popup as notification message on top bar. Please update your software and oblige.

Excellent App

Very clean app. Easy to read and the font is simple to understand. The price is right as effort has been put into the app and should continue to improve.


The best Quran clear color tajweed code and very easy to recite

Great app. Great effort. No Issues.

@EKK_0007: The app downloaded fine on my iPhone and is working flawlessly for me. Might be your internet connection. Have you tired downloading it again? Thanks to the developers for making such a great application.

Wouldnt download the App

Not sure what went wrong. I just bought this app and it didnt downloaded at all. Would love to have it on my phone for Ramandan. I have a similar hard copy. Jazakallah khair Al Jazaa

Well done

I was dreaming about this, and my dream came true. May Allah (swt) give you both the best in this world and in the hereafter.

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